Coping with daily stress & how it affects your relationship with your children.

Most parents love our children and we express our love and care throughout our lives. However, parents are not able to be always nice and approachable. One of the reasons being stress and pressures arising from day-to-day experiences.

We attend to people & things everyday but we may easily neglect to attend to ourselves. We were taught to care for people more than we care for ourselves. We might have the idea that our children are not appreciative of the care that we have for them. We might not be aware that the actions that we project upon them may just be the product of our stress.

Learning how to interact with our children with love and not just with our subconscious reactions is important for a healthy parent-child relationship. We welcome you to explore this topic with us.

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Liew Huey is the co-founder of Garden of Wisdom Sdn Bhd, a training and coaching company founded in year 2007. Huey is also a Mars Venus International Life Coach in Malaysia. She is licensed to conduct programs approved and accredited by the Mars Venus Institute of Dr. John Gray.

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