Campus & Facilities

Campus & Facilities

Explore our campus in artist impression by our architect.

The design is equipped with purpose-built facilities that puts technology, active learning, and social engagement at the forefront

Main Hall

Our school’s Main Hall resonates the design of our sister school’s Main Hall in the UK. 

Visitors will be welcomed by our member of staff and sharing wonderful memorabilia about the rich history of our sister-school.

Sports & Recreation Hall, Sports Track, Football Field & Swimming Pool

Sports & Recreation Hall: Equipped with multi-purpose courts are available at the Sports and Recreation Centre for various kinds of sports which include futsal, netball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc.

Sports track, football field & swimming pool: We emphasize on personal development and offer a broad range of opportunities for students to learn outside the classroom. These include an all-weather Football Field and Tennis Courts, Half-Olympic sized outdoor Swimming Pool, Running Tracks and more.

Creative Arts Building

Art Studio: Easel stands and drawing tables available for students to learn the use of a variety of media and materials. The same space is also used to produce, refine and assemble their designs.

Creative Arts Lab: Workstations complete with Apple iMac well equipped with Pro-tools editing software for students to acquire skills and knowledge in editing process.

Photography Studio: Fully equipped with a range of lamps, diffusors, reflectors and a variety of backdrop materials.

Science Building

Computer Lab: Dedicated computer spaces where students can experience the latest technologies and systems during their computing lessons.

Science Lab: A state-of-the-art science facility following Cambridge A Level lab requirement designed for a holistic practical experience.


Library: Our extensive library, across Primary and Secondary, are well stocked and offer a broad, diverse range of spaces and resources – both physical and online – for the use and enjoyment of our students and staff.

Library – Collaborative Zone: The Library – Collaborative Zone is a collaborative learning hub for students & staffs to consolidate and cultivate collective ideas through value-based innovation.

Library – Self-Study Zone: The self-study zone is a learning space where you have your own space for revisions, finishing up your prep independently without any disturbance.

Dining Hall

The dining hall provide our school community with delicious, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the school day. A variety of dishes are on offer each day. Students and staff may choose from International, Asian and Vegetarian, Western Delight, and our Live Station, which offers Barbeque dishes (on festive days).

Auditorium & Small Performance Room

Auditorium: Our state-of-the-art facilities provide students with excellent opportunities to flourish within creative arts. The Performing Arts Centre is home to all Art, Drama and Music lessons. 

Small Performance Room: Purpose-built space with a flexible seating configuration that will be used for mini performances, rehearsal, recitals, master classes, as well as other events by students. 


Residences Block 1 & 2: Our boarding accommodation is divided into 2 residences. Each residence has a Residential Boarding Parent with other staff available to give support to the boarders.  Additionally, Junior Boarding residences have full time Boarding Assistants to ensure that the younger students are able to come home to a greater level of care.

Dining Lounge: Boarding students dine together in the Dining Lounge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recess is provided outside so the boarders can mix freely with their other friends to participate in the usual sports and recreational games.

Residences Pick-Up and Drop-Off Area & Courtyard Entrance From Academic Blocks: A dedicated pick-up and drop-off area for boarders to check-in or check-out without any hassle. Residential Boarding Parent will be there to welcome boarders when necessary.

Lawn Amphitheatre & Courtyard

Lawn Amphitheatre: An open-air theatre with basic performing facilities for our students to showcase their musical and art performances. The theatre is surrounded by static landscaping, and stadium-style seating for up to 100 people.

Courtyard: An open courtyard that allows biophilic space and area for all social activities within the school.

Children Playground

An area for our primary students to enjoy more than just slides and swings, with clusters of structural trees created where students use the underneath space to sit and mingle around.

Urban Farm

An urban farming space where all the students can have the hands-on experience on growing their own plants, vegetables and fruits. This a small steps to educate our students about sustainability and biodiversity