Concord College UK is an academic school at which high expectations are the normOver the years generations of Concordians have benefited from this clear focusThis same academic focus will be evident in Concord College International School in Malaysia.   The benefits of such high expectations are not only in the fulfilment of academic potential but in the acquisition of key skills, good habits and an understanding of how to work effectively and when to work hardAs ever, this clear focus on academic achievement is suffused with the nurturing of a creative growth mindset and built upon a foundation of kindness. 

Concord Primary (Year 1-6)

Concord Primary includes provision for students in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 – Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 – Year 6). Moving through each phase of the UK National Curriculum, students are guided to ensure they are wellprepared for the transition into Secondary School. In line with our ethos, students will have access to an academically rigorous curriculum that is challenging and encourages creativity. As part of the school community, students are also expected to demonstrate kindness and respect towards others. 

Concord Secondary

Concord Secondary’s curriculum broadly follows the English National Curriculum, which is widely respected by leading universities and employers around the world, appropriately adapted to reflect the context of Concord as an international school in Malaysia. Students are taught in the English medium, leading to IGCSE qualifications at age 16, and A levels in the Sixth Form at age 18Our curriculum is tailored to reflect the needs and aspirations of international, and internationally minded, students, while at the same time providing opportunity for all to be challenged in new and exciting ways which they may not have encountered in their previous schoolsStudents are offered a broad and rigorous curriculum which gives them the added enrichment of studying with and learning from young people from a range of cultures, religions and nationalities. 

The Secondary School consists of a Middle School comprising Year 7 and 8 students who will be offered a broad curriculum, a Senior School comprising Year 9 to 11 students preparing for their IGCSE examinations, and the Sixth Form, where Year 12 and 13 students will have the opportunity to take three or four A level subjects. 

Middle School (Year 7 - 8)

In the Middle School (Years 7 and 8), all subjects are taught by specialist teachers in dedicated classrooms where teachers build relationships and cater to each student’s learning needs. Lessons and activities are taught to develop students’ core knowledge, skills and understanding to have a seamless transition into Senior School (IGCSE programme). The Middle School programme will consist of the following:

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science: including Biology, Chemistry and Physics 
  • Humanities: Economics / Geography / History and Global Perspectives or Islamic Studies 
  • Languages: Mandarin plus either Bahasa Malaysia or Spanish 
  • Art 
  • Physical Education 
  • English, Mathematics or Science test on rota 
  • Assembly or extended time with academic tutor (PSHE) 
  • Compulsory afternoon activity session (drama, musical activities, games)  

Senior School (Year 9 -11)

In the Senior School (Years 9 to 11), students will begin the programme that culminates in IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations administered by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) at the end of year 11.

The threeyear core programme will consist of the following subjects: 

  • English for higher level students includes preparation for both English and English Literature IGCSEs.  Middle levels take English Language only. English as an Additional Language (EAL) students sit IGCSE English as a 2nd language. 
  • Science – All students will follow a course leading to IGCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with three periods per week in each subject. 
  • Mathematics – All students will take IGCSE Mathematics, and higher-level students will also be given the opportunity to take IGCSE Additional Mathematics. 
  • PE & Games

In addition, Year 9 students will also study the following subjects: 

  • Humanities: Economics / Geography / History and Global Perspectives or Islamic Studies  
  • Languages: Mandarin plus either Bahasa Malaysia or Spanish 
  • Creative Subjects: Art, Music, and Drama 

Then in Year 10, they will choose one subject from each of the following options. 

  • Option 1: Art, Computer Science, Bahasa Malaysia, or Spanish
  • Option 2: Geography, Mandarin, or Music
  • Option 3: Economics, Drama, Bahasa Malaysia, or English Support (for students who require extra help with English)
  • Option 4: Global Perspectives or Islamic Studies

Students in the Senior School will also have three 30-minute tests each Saturday morning (two per week in Year 9) on a three-week rota for each subject. 

Sixth Form (Year 12 – 13/ A Level)

In the Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), students have the opportunity to take three or possibly four A level subjects.  AS level exams will be sat at the end of Year 12. For Cambridge International A levels, the marks obtained will then contribute towards the A level grade at the end of Year 13. The one exception to this will be students taking both Mathematics and Further Mathematics A levels, who will take the first Mathematics A level in Year 12.   

The International Project Qualification (IPQ) is a course equivalent to half an A level and offers the chance to complete a research project in an area of academic interest. Students applying for this option would begin this in Year 12 and submit their work in Year 13. Before being accepted onto the course, students will be assessed to ensure they have the necessary skills and commitment to undertake a project in addition to their other work.   

All Year 12 students will be assessed for English, and EAL students will be assigned to an EFL course in addition to their other academic courses leading to the IELTS English exam in Year 13, which qualifies students for university. 

Students can choose a core programme of three subjects from amongst the four groups below: 

  • Mathematics 
  • Biology, English A level, or Further Mathematics 
  • Chemistry, Economics, or Art 
  • Physics, Geography, or Chemistry 


They can choose to supplement the core programme with either an IPQ, or a 4th A level choice, with a view to providing as much breadth in their profiles as possible.  

Please note that an A level in Further Mathematics is only available as a 4th A level choice, in combination with A level Mathematics, and two further choices from groups 3 & 4; most likely Physics and either Chemistry or Economics. The Further Mathematics course will be taught at an accelerated pace, and is challenging, and therefore only suitable for students with the strongest Mathematics and Additional Mathematics IGCSE results (or equivalent).  

Students in the Sixth Form will also have typically two 45-minute tests each Saturday morning on a two-week rota for each subject. 

Rosanna Kirkbride originates from Toronto, Canada and is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English and Political Science. She then completed her teacher training at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and is currently pursuing a master’s in education from the University of Bath.

Whilst in Australia, Mrs Kirkbride developed a great passion for education and returned to her home country to teach at a native Canadian school in Northern Ontario. Shortly after she moved to the United Kingdom where she taught at primary schools in East London and Essex. Following her time in the UK, Mrs Kirkbride then moved to an international school in Seoul, South Korea where she held the posts of Head of Year, Literacy Coordinator, Lead Safeguarding Trainer, and Extra-Curricular Activities Coordinator.

Most recently, Mrs Kirkbride has served as the Founding Head of Primary at an international school in Malaysia, assisting with the physical development of the site and successfully establishing the Primary School’s internal structures. She has also served as the Vice-Chair of Primary Heads within the Association of International Malaysian Schools. She is now the Founding Head of Primary at Concord College International School, Malaysia.

“Education serves as a pillar in the lives of children, and I consider it a privilege to contribute to the teaching and learning of young minds in an outstanding institution. At Concord Primary, we take pride in helping parents raise children in addition to educating them. We foster the growth and development of children through our ethos, Rigour, Kindness, and Creativity. It is my belief that equipping children with a set of practical life skills in line with this ethos will support their future achievements and successes. Through the delivery of a rigorous curriculum Concord Primary sets the foundation in academic subjects to prepare students for Secondary School.

Our highly dedicated team of educators reinforce values that promote kindness and creativity to develop students into respectful and responsible members of our global community. Working closely with our Concord families, we look forward to celebrating the achievements of your children.”

Dr Phil Outram read Mathematics for his undergraduate degree at Queens’ College Cambridge. He completed his Doctorate degree at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, before moving to the University of Durham where he spent six years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. His research focused on using large state-of-the-art surveys of distant active galaxies to probe the evolution of large-scale structure in the universe. Whilst in Durham, Dr Outram’s responsibilities included teaching and supporting the undergraduate and postgraduate students, and he took the decision to switch to secondary education, taking up a position as a teacher of mathematics at Rugby School.

He moved to Concord College UK in 2008 and immediately fell in love with the vibrant atmosphere there, where students show friendship, compassion, humility, and integrity to match their passion to learn and determination to succeed. Dr Outram has been Assistant Principal at Concord College for twelve years, with responsibilities including examinations and enrichment. He has a passion for travelling and hill-walking and has taken Concord students on many expeditions to destinations including Costa Rica, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Kenya.

Dr Outram will be moving to Malaysia at the end of the academic year and taking up the position of the Founding Head of Secondary at Concord College International School.

“We live in a world of wonders where technology is revolutionising all aspects of our lives, from an explosion in social media and driverless cars, to dramatic medical advances from sequencing the human genome. For young people growing up in this exhilarating new world, the possibilities are boundless. However, they will also face many challenges, with our rapidly expanding population using resources at a rate never previously seen, and polluting our world to an extent that wildlife, habitats, and even our climate, are threatened on an unprecedented scale. Technological advances such as artificial intelligence with quantum computing could enable us to find new solutions to problems that currently seem impossible. New inventions, innovations and discoveries require curiosity and creativity, and a Concord education will embrace these values by bringing excitement and joy to the classroom and inspiring our students to always question and want to discover more. However, with ever increasing competition, I believe that a rigorous education, ensuring that our students stand out from the crowd, is more crucial than ever. Our students entering this world will become its next leaders. Kindness and international cooperation are central to the ethos of Concord College International School, and, in my view, it is most important that our education should instil these values in them, to guide them to make the best possible decisions when addressing the challenges of the mid-21st century.”

Neil Hawkins was educated at Robinson College Cambridge, where he studied History. His 34-year of career in education started in 1989 as a teacher. He has taught and led in some of the UK’s finest schools in a career that has been marked by success and high achievement. He was Principal of Concord College UK from 2005 to 2021 during which time Concord College doubled in size, clarified its ethos, transformed its measurable outcomes and became recognised as one of the UK’s Top 5 performing schools. During this time, he was also Chair of Governors of a top performing UK primary school. His record of shaping and leading success in education is clear.

Described as an ‘educational visionary’, Mr Hawkins is now the Global Principal of Concord College International Ltd and is the Founding Executive Principal of Concord College International School, Malaysia. Mr Hawkins is also the Chair of Befrienders Worldwide, one of the world’s largest emotional support networks.

“It is my honour to welcome you to Concord College International School, Malaysia.

Our children have just one chance to be young and one chance to prepare for adulthood.    This time is precious.  It is my aim to ensure that our wonderful new school maximises opportunities and prepares children for tomorrow.  Of course, this is what all schools aim to do.  However, this is not always achieved.  Here at CCIS we will educate children using the highly successful Concord ethos of Rigour, Kindness, and Creativity.   This ethos fuses the best of western and eastern global education traditions while recognising that we all thrive when we are treated with respect and with kindness.

It is my aim that CCIS will not just be a good school but will become one of the top schools in Malaysia and in the region.  This will be achieved by children, educators and parents working together to deliver the central Concord ethos, while recognising that each child is unique and is constantly changing and developing.  My experience as an educator has taught me that the quest for high standards and good discipline is the bedrock of educational success.  When this is linked with the fostering of curiosity and creative problem solving, measurable success is achieved.  If we then act with decency and in a spirit of harmony, our families, communities and societies benefit.

Welcome to Concord College International School.”